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An absolute avalanche of Lewis & Clark material is sweeping toward us, and the Bicentennial of the Expedition is still several years away! The following annotated list of web sites attempts to combine the best of the nationally-recognized websites addressing the Lewis & Clark Expedition with items that are specific to Montana.

The annotations are provided as "helpful hints" only and do not constitute full-blown reviews. Because the Montana Lewis & Clark Bicentennial Commission periodically will update this listing, your suggestions for additions or corrections are most welcome. To view our Links Policy, please click here. Many other very informative web sites exist and are worth accessing. The following list is offered to possibly help you "jump start" your search for good, reliable and informative Lewis & Clark material.

  • Travel Montana's Lewis & Clark Site-
    Travel Montana's site provides an indepth look at the Lewis & Clark Trail in Montana, its history and its travel opportunities. It includes an interactive map that allows you to read an historical account of the site, read the actual journal entry, view the site as it appears today, and view streaming video from the Ken Burns archive. For each point along the route you have access to information on cities, events, accommodations, attractions and travel planning assistance. You will also find quick links to L&C camping sites, equipment rental, guided adventures, Indian Nations, a timeline, expedition history, Montana cities and lodging opportunities. Check out additional Links to details and accounts of the Expedition.

  • Travel Montana -
    Information about Montana and its places to visit are just a small portion of this vast site. Focusing on aiding the visitor in finding lodging, fun in the outdoors, restaurants, tourist attractions and more, this site is a complete travel planner. It features hundreds of photographs, a virtual tour, links to related sites, and answers to almost any question about what Montana has to offer to its travelers. Whether you need information on lodging along the Lewis & Clark trail or you want a list of places to see near an area you will be visiting, this site has it all.

  • Montana Historical Society Library -
    This website provides access to sources of information on the Expedition and related themes from the collections of the Montana Historical Society. Just as Thomas Jefferson dispatched Meriwether Lewis up the Missouri River to its source and beyond to record and gather information, we at the Montana Historical Society are inviting you to "explore" and "expand" the boundaries of your perceptions about Lewis and Clark under the Big Sky.

  • Montana Historical Society -
    Welcome to the Montana Historical Society! We are Montana's Museum, Montana's Historical Press and Publishers, and Montana's Memory and Research Center, and we help preserve Montana's Special Historic Buildings and Sites. Visit our on-line Museum Store!

  • Bureau of Land Management -
    The Bicentennial creates an unprecedented opportunity for the BLM to share the legacies of Lewis and Clark with communities and tribes. It will also rekindle an appreciation for America's vast natural, historic and cultural resource heritage and perpetuate the spirit of discovery for future generations.

  • Travelers' Rest Preservation and Heritage Association -
    Travelers' Rest Preservation and Heritage Association, a nonprofit organization, manages Travelers' Rest State Park through a unique agreement with Montana Department of Fish, Wildlife and Parks. The park is located 1/4 mile west of Hwy. 93 at 6550 Mormon Creek Road in Lolo, and is the site of a L&C latrine, confirmed in the summer of 2002.

  • Pompeys Pillar National Monument -
    Pompeys Pillar National Monument is one of the most famous sandstone buttes in America as it bears the only remaining physical evidence of the Lewis and Clark Expedition, which appears on the trail today as it did 200 years ago. On the face of the 150-foot butte, Captain William Clark carved his name on July 25, 1806, during his return to the United States through the beautiful Yellowstone Valley. The Pillar overlooks the Yellowstone River about 25 miles east of Billings, Montana. The area is easily accessible from Interstate 94, using exit 23, or from State Highway 312.

  • Institute for Tourism and Recreation Research -
    In May, 2000, ITRR released two reports, "The Lewis & Clark Interest and Awareness Study" and "Lewis & Clark National Estimation and Awareness Study." The first report's key findings are related to the level of awareness of and interest in visiting the various historical sites and attractions associated with it. The objectives of the second report were to determine the level of awareness, establish a benchmark of interest in attending Montana events, provide an estimate of the number of potential visitors to Montana, and determine a profile of potential visitors and where they were most likely to go in Montana.

  • National Council of the Lewis & Clark Bicentennial -
    The National Council of the Lewis & Clark Bicentennial is working very hard to prepare for the Bicentennial at a national level. Their site contains information on the Council, agencies and contacts, conservation, projects, related links, coming events, education, American Indian tribes, and more. Focused on the trail as a whole, this site can answer any questions about how the Bicentennial is looking at a National level.

  • The Smithsonian Institution -
    This site focuses on the map-making aspects of the Expedition, contains extensive factual historical data, wide-reaching, scholarly material, and extensive links to valid historical sources.

  • Journals of the Lewis and Clark Expedition Online -
    Welcome to the Journals of the Lewis and Clark Expedition Online, sponsored by University of Nebraska Press, the Center for Great Plains Studies, and the UNL Libraries Electronic Text Center.

  • Montana Science Institute -
    The Montana Science Institute concentrates on environmental education, specializing in water quality, chemistry, biology and geology classes and research opportunities offered throughout the academic year and during summers for K-12 students and teachers. Also featured are ecology tours, float trips and field trip packages, custom designed for the public and all ages. The Institue is located at Lakeside on the upper Missouri River near Helena, Montana and has developed several activities that relate to the Lewis & Clark Bicentennial. Serving as an educational institution, MSI hopes to be of service to those who wish to travel the trail and learn more about the fascinating voyage. Here is a list of some of the Lewis & Clark Programs MSI is planning. Visit their website for more information about these activities and about the Institute.

  • U.S. Forest Service -
    A U.S. Forest Service site that addresses the topic of the Expedition in the Rocky Mountains of Montana; a solid place to begin work on this difficult, controversial leg of the journey; includes useful Indian material.

  • L&C National Historic Trail Interpretive Center -
    A site for the Lewis and Clark National Historic Trail Interpretive Center in Great Falls; information especially useful prior to a visit to the Center.

    The place to start looking for Indian perspectives on the Lewis and Clark Expedition; excellent "Index of Native American Resources on the Internet" listings; site run by a private individual; includes oral/written-history, regional, and Canadian sites, as well as Indian timelines and sources for photo images.

  • L&C Trail Heritage Foundation, Inc. -
    One of the "must" Expedition sites, run by the Lewis and Clark Trail Heritage Foundation, Inc.; extensive information and valuable links to other Expedition sites; called by many "one of the best Lewis and Clark site on the Web."

  • VIAs, Inc. -
    Dr. Joseph Mussulman's ever-expanding VIAs, Inc., website "Discovering Lewis and Clark," addressing myriad aspects of the Expedition; can benefit students, buffs, scholars, and travelers of the Trail; imaginative, innovative, and solidly based in historical fact; includes strong Indian content; user needs advanced software to receive.

  • U.S. Park Service's L&C National Historic Trail -
    This is the home page for the U.S. National Park Service's Lewis and Clark National Historic Trail office; reliable information; useful links to other Lewis and Clark websites.

  • PBS -
    The background informational/contextual site for the Ken Burns/Dayton Duncan 1997 PBS documentary on the Expedition; useful links to other reputable Lewis and Clark sites; solid classroom resources for teachers; excellent Indian content.

  • Jay Rasmussen's Web Site -
    This site contains a comprehensive archive of over 650 web sites related to the Lewis and Clark Expedition compiled by Jay Rasmussen.

  • National L&C Education Center at UM -
    The National Lewis and Clark Education Center at the University of Montana offers a number of upcoming professional development programs for K-12 teachers from around the country.

  • Idaho's L&C Bicentennial -
    This is Idaho's official Lewis and Clark website and contains information on agencies and organizations preparing for the Bicentennial.

  • Missouri Historical Society -
    The Missouri Historical Society has released the first phase of the Lewis and Clark National Bicentennial Exhibition web site. Please visit to discover what the exhibit is al about, where it is going, and much, much more.

  • Sierra Club's L&C Bicentennial Campaign -
    The Sierra Club's Lewis and Clark Bicentennial Campaign is about celebrating, protecting and restoring the wild places and wildlife in the land explored by Lewis and Clark. To guide you to these natural treasures and find out what you can do to help protect them please visit this website.

  • U.S. Army's Lewis & Clark Web Page -
    The U. S. Army commemorates the expedition of Lewis and Clark in this new website. It's a fairly ambitious undertaking, comprised of distinct sections titled The People, The Mission, Explore and L & C Links. This site has great utility for military history buffs and those studying Lewis and Clark, but takes it one step further by providing the military perspective on America's first and most famous overland expedition.

  • Office of Public Instruction's Web Page -
    The Office of Public Instruction, with encouragement and support from the Montana L&C Bicentennial Commission, has expanded educational opportunities related th the L&C Bicentennial Commemoration in Montana through the launching of their web page.

  • The Great Falls Tribune L&C Web Page -
    The Great Falls Tribune's Lewis & Clark web page contains many articles related to the Expedition, including information on the Honor Guard, the Interpretive Center in Great Falls, as well as a wonderful interactive map of the trail through Montana.

  • The Lemhi-Shoshone- Sacajawea's People -
    This page contains a slide show of Lemhi-Shosone Country, Photos of the 5th Annual Lemhi-Shoshone Lewis & Clark Reunion, history, various articles and a petition seeking federal recognition.

  • The Museum of Idaho - Lewis & Clark Exhibit -
    The Mueum of Idaho, located in Idaho Falls, Idaho opened their Lewis & Clark exhibit, Discovering Idaho: The World of Lewis and Park presented by Bechtel, on Feb. 17 and the exhibit runs through Sept. 6. This 11,000 sq. ft. exhibit hosts a variety of items: a Shoshone village; the boats, animals and plants of L&C; L&C original and replicated items; Discovering the Rivers of Lewis & Clark presented by American Rivers; and more. There are over 800 items of the L&C time from 38 different institutions, organizations, agencies, or individuals from 10 different states.

  • Lewis & Clark Bicentennial Products -
    To recognize the outstanding accomplishments of Meriwether Lewis and William Clark, and to acknowledge Sacagawea, whose unparalleled contributions to the Corps of Discovery are just being recognized, we are pleased to present this "BICENTENNIAL COLLECTION" of unique and outstanding products to commemorate the Lewis and Clark, Sacagawea and the Bicentennial of their Expedition.

  • The Nature Conservancy - http://www.nature.orgwherewework/northamerica/lewisandclark
    The Nature Conservancy's Lewis & Clark page explores landscapes the Corps of Discovery explored, its changes during the past 200 years and the work of the Conservancy and its partners to protect and conserve what remains.

  • Blackfeet Coins -
    Blackfeet Commemorative Coins are an Official Product of the Lewis & Clark Bicentennial and consist of the Lewis & Clark Expedition - Blackfeet Country Bicentennial Limited Edition Fine Silver 24kt Gold Select Plated Coin, the Limited Edition Fine Silver Coin and the Bicentennial Bronze Medallion. Blackfeet Commemorative Coins is a Blackfeet Tribal Enterprise managed by Siyeh Development Corporation located in Browning, Montana.

  • -
    This site contains some brief historical information on the Expedition, in addition to links to various suppliers of L&C products and services.

  • Montana Committee for the Humanities -
    The Montana Committee for the Humanities' Speakers Bureau offers communities and non-profit organizations the opportunity to explore ideas and issues through a rich variety of programs. Their roster consists of over sixty humanities-focused public programs your organization can choose from to host in your community. The programs are presented free of charge to the public.




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