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November 2002    Issue No. 4 Vol. 3

4th Annual Montana Lewis & Clark Conference A Success; Resource Directories Available

There was plenty of education, updates and entertainment shared by the 175 attendees of the 4th Annual Montana Lewis & Clark Conference held in Bozeman October 3-4, 2002. The attendees had a chance to warm up at a pre-conference grant writing workshop and cool down with a post-conference workshop on presenting living history. In between, the Montana Lewis & Clark faithful had an opportunity to update each other on the statewide, regional and national events and projects developing and prepared for the upcoming Bicentennial. The conference goers were treated to an evening tour of Headwaters State Park with a reception in Three Forks and a very entertaining Lewis & Clark musical show performed by Greg Keeler to help close out the conference. If you missed the conference, a limited number of Resource Directories filled with useful reference and presentation materials are available for a minimal fee from the Montana Bicentennial Commission office.

Upcoming Meetings

MT L & C Bicentennial Commission:
- Feb. 11, 2003, Helena
- May 27-28,2003, Missoula
- Oct. 1-2, 2003, Lewistown

Natl. Council Meeting:
- January, 2003, Monticello
- April 13-17, 2003, Great Falls

Education Cmte.:
- Feb, 10, 2003, Helena
3:00-5:00pm (tent.)

Reg. Comm./Tribal Reps:
- Feb. 10,2003, Helena
6:30-8:30 pm (tent.)

"Confluence of Cultures" Symposium:
- May 28-31, 2003, UoM, Missoula,MT

2003 Grant Programs Announced:

The state Commission is once again partnering with the Montana Commerce Department's Travel Montana Division to offer non-profit organizations grant funds to implement Lewis & Clark-related projects. In addition to the "2003 Project Grant Program," the Commission will once again offer "Organization & Planning Grants" for recognized Regional Bicentennial Commissions and Tribal governments. The funding level for these two programs will be finalized at the Commission's February 11, 2003 meeting. Information and applications are available on the "Funding" section of the Commission's website,, or by contacting regional commissions, Trail Heritage Chapters or the state Commission office. The deadline for submitting applications is Friday, December 20, 2002.

Information about the 2003 National Park Service's Challenge Cost Share Grant Program is also on the "Funding" page of the Commission's website. The Park Service strongly encourages electronic applications for these grants. You can get the forms by accessing the National Park Service website:

Lewis & Clark Dates & Events to Remember:

(Please refer to the Commission's "Events" web site breakout section for a more complete listing of events.)

  • January 14-19, 2003: "Jefferson's West" National Heritage Signature Event in Charlottesville and Monticello, VA. This official "kick-off" event is from noon-1:00 PM (Eastern Time) at Monticello. Montana will be represented by numerous attendees and a booth. Montana will help sponsor the Signature Event's "The Journey and Tastes of the Trail" reception Saturday afternoon, January 18.
  • January 18, 2003: Montana will join in the national Bicentennial kick off with a "Lewis & Clark Day in Montana" event at the state Capitol. Activities include Lewis & Clark re-enactors presenting the colors to both the Montana Senate and House, and a Capitol Rotunda program with displays and exhibits.
  • April 29-May 1, 2005: Lewis & Clark at the Confluence "This long wished for spot..." is the official welcome of the Expedition to Montana. This event, sponsored by Montana and North Dakota, takes place the confluence of the Missouri and Yellowstone Rivers.
  • June 1- July 4, 2005: Explore the Big Sky National Heritage Signature Event presented in the Fort Benton/Great Falls region.
  • Late June/Early July, 2006: An event (yet un-named) to welcome the Lewis & Clark Expedition back to Montana on their 1806 return trip.
  • July 22-25, 2006: Clark on the Yellowstone National Heritage Signature Event to commemorate Clark's return home via the Yellowstone River Corridor.

Montana Lewis & Clark Legacy Campaign Taking Shape:

The Lewis & Clark Legacy Campaign, Montana's major Bicentennial fundraising effort, is taking shape. Over the last few months, the Legacy Partners have been working to build a campaign plan and organizational structure that will give the effort the blueprint for success. This work has included refining the Legacy Partners' funding objectives, creating a high-profile statewide Steering Committee, designing and producing campaign materials, developing a corporate sponsorship program, recruiting regional campaign leaders, and securing significant initial pledges. For more information on the Legacy Campaign contact the state Commission office or contact the campaign office, 457-9080.

National Bicentennial Planning News:

  • The National Council of the Lewis & Clark Bicentennial has closed its Oregon offices and moved in with the Missouri Historical Society in St. Louis. New council president Bob Archibald, who is director of the Missouri Historical Society, says his organization will provide services for the national effort during this time of change. Archibald says the national council remains committed and optimistic that plans will continue to grow as the Bicentennial nears.
  • As a positive sign for the Bicentennial, the national council recently announced a very exciting partnership with the National Ad Council that will result in a publicity campaign valued at over $150 million. Negotiations are underway to secure additional national sponsorships.
  • The National Park Service's Corps of Discovery II has received funding for the design and fabrication for the first phase of their traveling interpretive park. Corps II will debut their mobile facility during the first National Heritage Signature Event at Monticello, VA, January 14-19, 2003. In Montana, Corps II has identified 19 host sites for their travels through Big Sky Country in 2005 and 2006.
  • The Circle of State Advisors, Circle of Tribal Advisors and the National Council of the Bicentennial will meet in Pendleton, OR, October 18-19, 2002. Plenty of important items will be discussed including details of the January 2003 national Bicentennial kick-off event in Monticello.

Commission Update:

  • Governor Judy Martz has re-appointed Betty Stone, Homer Staves, and Darrell Kipp to three-year terms on the state Commission. Welcome news!
  • Germaine White has submitted her resignation from the Commission. Germaine is taking a new position with the Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribes' Natural Resource Department. The Commission thanks Germaine for her valuable input during her tenure with the Commission, and wishes her all the best in her new career. A new Montana Indian Tribe representative is currently being sought to fill her seat on the Commission.

Travelers' Rest Campsite Evidence Found:

In a July 19, 2002, announcement, the Travelers' Rest Preservation and Heritage Association reports that this summer archaeologists uncovered what appears to be the latrine used by the Corps of Discovery while camping at the Travelers' Rest campsite in 1805 and 1806. Significant amounts of mercury were found in the soil where a Corps' latrine was once located. The expedition regularly used mercury as a medical treatment. Travelers' Rest State Park staff and Association members are at work on the design and construction of appropriate interpretive components for this important Lewis & Clark campsite.

Montana's Bicentennial Legacy - What Should It Be?:

The state Commission has been discussing and debating the question: "What will Montana's Lewis & Clark Bicentennial Legacy be?" Most agree that there are many local and regional legacy projects completed or nearing completion across the state that will collectively become a meaningful legacy. The Commission will continue to support these efforts, but has also decided to explore options of a more "singular" legacy (i.e. a statue, memorial, etc.). At the Commission's last meeting, a Legacy Committee was formed to identify and develop options over the next few months. People with creative ideas are encouraged to contact the state Commission office.

License Plate News - Almost 10,000 Sold!:

Through September of this year, there were 9,884 Lewis & Clark Bicentennial plates sold. The plates are not only being sold for vehicle license plates, but the Commission is pursuing marketing options to enhance the sale of collector plates. A special 'thanks' to the Montana Outfitters and Guides Association (MOGA) for a complimentary ad in the upcoming issue of their magazine. Also, look for our ad in Montana Magazine's Holiday Shopping Guide coming your way in early November. To purchase collector plates, please contact the commission office.


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