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December 2000    Issue No. 2 Vol. 3

Statewide Bicentennial Master Plan Unveiled

The Hingston Roach Group unveiled Montana's new Bicentennial Master Plan during the October Statewide Lewis & Clark Bicentennial Conference. Seven months in the making, this planning document provides a "roadmap" to guide Montana in its planning and preparation for the fast-approaching Bicentennial. The plan is based on a five-point framework housing these elements: Education & Communication; Community Development; Business Development; Resource Management; and Historic Preservation. The Master Plan and its Executive Summary are available on the Commission's website "What's New" page It is also available on CD, and in print. For more information contact the state Commission office.

Upcoming Meetings, Workshops, Conferences

National Council of the Lewis & Clark Bicentennial Meeting:
- April 23, 2001, Omaha, NE Circle of State Advisors Meeting:
- April 22, 2001, Omaha, NE 6th Annual Nat'l. Lewis & Clark Bicentennial Planning Workshop:
- April 24-25, 2001, Omaha, NE Montana L&C Bicentennial Commission meetings:
- February 13, 2001, Helena
- June 12, 2001, Location TBA
- October 10-11, 2001, Billings 3rd Annual Montana Lewis & Clark Conference:
- October 11-12, 2001, Billings

Two New Members Join Commission; Lepley Re-Appointed

Governor Marc Racicot has appointed Kathy Doeden of Miles City and Darrell Martin from Hays to three-year terms on the Montana Lewis & Clark Bicentennial Commission. Doeden, active with the Custer County Historic Preservation Office and local arts groups, brings strong historic preservation experience to the Commission. Martin is the Tourism Director for the Fort Belknap Tribes and currently serves as the Interim President of the Montana Tribal Tourism Alliance (MTTA). The Governor also reappointed Fort Benton's Jack Lepley to a three-year term on the Commission. Lepley is an original member of the Commission.

Second Annual Bicentennial Conference a Success

One hundred seventy-five people attended the 2nd Annual Statewide Lewis & Clark Bicentennial Conference in Great Falls, October 5-6. Conference highlights included national and statewide planning updates, a preview of Montana's new Bicentennial Master Plan, breakout sessions featuring timely topics, a reception and tour of the National Lewis & Clark Trail Interpretive Center, and a special luncheon presentation by Dr. Stephen Ambrose. Plans are underway for the 2001 conference to be held at the Billings Hotel, October 11-12. Mark your calendars and plan ahead. A limited number of Resource Directories given out at the October 2000 conference are available by contacting the state Commission office.

Signature Event Proposals Submitted to National Council

In September, the state Bicentennial Commission gave strong support for 3 Montana Signature Event Proposals submitted to the National Council for special recognition and promotion. If approved by the Council, some or all three Montana events will join a very select number of others along the trail in being recognized as having national prominence during the four-year Bicentennial Observance. The Montana proposals are:

  • Discovering the Big Sky - June 2 to July 4, 2005, submitted by the Upper Missouri Bicentennial Commission, Cascade and Chouteau Counties;
  • The Lewis & Clark Festival at the Headwaters - July 15 to August 8, 2005, submitted by the Gallatin Lewis & Clark Bicentennial Association and other partners in the Bozeman and Three Forks area;
  • Clark on the Yellowstone - July 15 to August 3, 2006, submitted by the Yellowstone County Bicentennial Commission, Billings.

Each of Montana's Signature Event proposals passed the first round of review and scoring at the national level. The National Council's final selection announcement is anticipated at their Sixth Annual National Planning Workshop scheduled for April 24-25, 2001, in Omaha, Nebraska. Groups interested in submitting a Signature Event proposal in the future should contact the state Commission office.

September 2000 Project Inventory Compiled

A new statewide inventory of Montana Lewis & Clark-related projects has identified 34 "Tier 1" (top priority) projects with funding needs of over $22.5 million. This new inventory was developed as an element of generating the state's new Bicentennial Master Plan. The project list will be used by the state Bicentennial Commission in its work on fund-raising strategies in partnership with the National Council, the federal House and Senate Lewis & Clark Caucuses, and the Montana Legislature. The project inventory list includes community, tribal and state and federal agency projects.

National Planning Update

First, the National Lewis & Clark Bicentennial Council has been renamed. It is now the National Council of the Lewis & Clark Bicentennial. As part of the National Council's efforts to enhance planning and coordination, it has facilitated the creation of the Circle of Tribal Advisors and Circle of State Advisors. Both of these coordinating groups will have trail-wide representation, and be key to the National Council in gathering critical input and guidance. Presently, the Circle of Tribal Advisors is seeking representation from Montana Indian Tribes. The Circle of State Advisors is made up of the Trail state coordinators. Montana's Clint Blackwood was chosen to Chair this group for 2001. The National Council has also signed a contract with the Carlson Marketing Group (CMG) for the development and implementation of Sponsorship and Licensing Programs. Montana will work with CMG to initiate sponsorship and licensing programs under this new national program umbrella. Look for these program outlines by Spring, 2001.

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Commission headquarters: 600 North Park, Helena
Mail: PO Box 201203, Helena 59620-1203
Phone: 406-443-2109 FAX 406-841-4004

New E-Mail Update System Now Available

If you have an e-mail address and are interested in regular Commission updates and other communications, then you should get plugged into the state Commission's new e-mail update system. With this new system, the state Commission will distribute e-mail updates on activities, programs and alerts to anyone 'registered' on the Commission's website. To 'register,' simply access the Commission's website at and follow the posted instructions on the "What's New" page. The system is designed to let you modify and/or cancel your e-mail registration at any time you desire.

Funding & Fundraising Update

Grant Programs: The National Park Service has announced its new Challenge Cost Share Program for 2001. The deadline for application is December 31, 2000. More information is available through the National Park Service, or by accessing the Funding section of the Bicentennial Commission's web site, or by contacting the Commission office. The state Commission will partner with Travel Montana, the state's Tourism Advisory Council and the Montana Department of Transportation to offer the second-annual Lewis & Clark grant program in 2001. Look for program details to be announced in late January.

Fundraising: Various fundraising strategies are currently being developed for consideration by the upcoming Montana Legislative session. Draft legislation has been generated to create a commemorative Montana Lewis & Clark license plate. There is also $200,000 in the Racicot Administration's main funding bill proposal, HB-2, that could, if made available, be a match for private or federal grant programs. Additionally, the state Commission has been working with the 'Future of the Past' Task Force to identify options for on-going funding sources for historical and cultural preservation programs. Legislation will be drafted and introduced in the 2001 session as a result of the task force work.