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Director's Report November, 2001

  • A major focus during November was the design, development and initial implementation of a marketing plan for Montana's new Bicentennial license plate. The plan will include a press conference with Governor Martz in late December, an "ad" on license plate renewal notices, postcard inserts to be included with state employee payroll and various utility billings, a poster, radio and television PSA's and a web banner. A marketing program outline will be made available in early December to summarize the numerous marketing elements.

  • On November 5th I traveled to Bozeman to participate in a meeting of the Undaunted Stewardship Program. I offered a Bicentennial Planning Update and discussed possible partnership options. This program recently was notified that it will receive additional congressional funding of $1 Million during the coming fiscal year.

  • On November 6th I attended a planning meeting of the Lewis & Clark County Public Safety Committee and presented a Bicentennial Planning Update. It was agreed that this county-wide and agency-wide planning effort will serve positive benefits for the upcoming Bicentennial and beyond. Mike Cooney and Jim Smith with the Montana Sheriff's & Peace Officer's Association were also in attendance and presented committee members with copies of the newly created Public Safety Planning Manual that includes the statewide public safety resource inventory thus far compiled. Counties are strongly encouraged to continue their respective efforts to identify both what resources are available and which resources are needed. Phase II of creating a statewide Bicentennial Public Safety Plan will be the bringing together of the county planning efforts into a single state "report" which will hopefully coordinate and facilitate the securing of critical new funding.

  • Laura Martin, with the Charles Bentz Associates consulting firm, was in Helena on November 6th and 7th to initiate the collection of background information for the drafting of a "case statement" which will form the backbone of Montana's new Bicentennial fundraising program. Phase I of this new program is anticipated to be completed by the end of February, 2002. The following paragraphs contain her November report:

    Fundraising Program Report of Activities
    (Addendum to November, 2001 Director's Report)

    On November 6 & 7, 2001, Laura Lee Martin, Senior Consultant, Charles Bentz Associates, Inc. visited the Montana Lewis and Clark Bicentennial Commission offices in Helena. The visit was a research trip primarily to gather information in preparation for the development of a Case Statement. The Case Statement will be a comprehensive document that will communicate the mission of the Commission, its mandate, services, scope of operations, and plans for the commemoration. The Case Statement will be sent to interviewees prior to the actual interview. It will also be used during the campaign as an information and language source for grant proposals, project summaries, and other fundraising materials.

    On November 6, Laura met with Clint Blackwood, Executive Director, Sara Groves Fundraising Coordinator, Jay Russell, Director of Development, Montana History Foundation. The discussion revolved around the Commission's administrative practices, relationship with the Montana History Foundation, fiduciary responsibilities, and fundraising time line.

    On November 7, she spent the day meeting with Clint and Sara and other individuals. A morning meeting was also attended by Doug Monger, Director, FWP, Parks Division, Ann Tedesco, Trustee, Lewis and Clark Trail Heritage Foundation, and Regional Commission Member Rita Blouke. Jim Parker, Senior Vice President, Hamilton Stores joined the meeting by phone. This meeting focused on Regional commission goals and objectives, the grant making process, fundraising goals and methods.

    Two afternoon meetings took place. The first was with Pam Gosink, Acting Director, Travel Montana, who discussed tourism opportunities, Travel Montana marketing plans for the Bicentennial, and projections for increased "consumption" of Montana events and destinations by Lewis and Clark-oriented visitors. The second meeting was with Mark Simonich, Director, Montana Department of Commerce, and the Commission's Liaison to the Governor, who reaffirmed the State's interest in and support of the Commission's mandate.

    Case statement development and the list building process will continue through most of December. The Case Statement will be completed and distributed in January 2002. Some interviews will be scheduled to coincide with the regional Commission meeting in February.

  • On November 9th I participated in a meeting of the "Confluence of Cultures Symposium" committee on the Carroll College campus. Celeste River was introduced as the newly hired Symposium Coordinator to be housed on the UofM campus in Missoula. Discussion during this meeting centered on the symposium's proposed format, audience and the identification and prioritization of tasks needing to be completed. Notes from this committee meeting are posted on the state Commission's web site.

  • During November I delivered Bicentennial Update presentations to two Helena groups. On the 13th I spoke to the Helena Hospitality group (a gathering of Helena-area hotel and motel management representatives), and on the 21st I spoke to the Helena Ad Club.

  • In November we discussed various possible enhancement options for the state Commission's web site. This discussion included options for where to most efficiently host the site, an on-line "silent auction" for promotion of the new Bicentennial license plate, and the posting of new programs and projects (i.e. the new L&C Guide Training Program, the availability of the new "Lewis & Clark: Montana's Story" video and the new Lewis & Clark Educator's Resource Guide, and new funding programs, meeting notes etc.). A list-serve update was sent out on November 10th highlighting eleven new additions to the Commission's web site since the 3rd Annual L&C Conference held in Billings in mid-October.

    NOTE: If you would like to receive electronic notices of updates/changes being made to the state Commission's web site, please 'Register' by accessing the What's New section of the Commission's web site (

  • Also in November we coordinated with the Montana Historical Society for the delivery of the new Lewis & Clark Educator's Directory to schools and public libraries in Montana (the Society funded the purchase and mailing costs of 700 directories! Thanks MHS!). To compliment this effort to let teachers in Montana know about new Lewis & Clark education material, the state Commission also is coordinating with the Office of Public Instruction to place an update in their electronic monthly "OPI Summary." Future plans include placing a similar update in the MEA/MFT newsletter.

  • To round out activities in November, I was busy following the Carroll College Football team as it advanced to the semi-final round of the NAIA playoffs (OK, so I'm a proud parent!), and I tried to take some time away from work prior to the year's end.









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